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BMC Lunching Soon..

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The BMC Tokens Technology System

Through the use of our custom built SmartBridge functionality we are able to off-load non-essential functions to hundreds of side-chains. This allows for great scalability while keeping the main BMC blockchain lean and fast.

Safe and Secure

Our system uses Bcrypt for password hashing, encrypted cookies.

Instant Trading

BMC Is available to Exchange everywhere

Recurring Buying

Most trusted and high-profile ICOs Project.

Investment Planning

Once you’re registered and have your funds available.

Covered By Insurance

BMC Tokens supports the ERC20 token standard.

Bitcoin Transaction

Instant 8 Seconds Transaction System. Safe And Secure.

New whitepaper v2 is in the works

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BMC All-in-One Blockchain Solutions

The BMC network is a scaling solution for finance on Bitcoin, Ethereum, enabling transparent, peer-to-peer transactions in real-time. The decentralized network facilitates self-sovereign financial services across geographies, asset classes and applications.

BMC provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. We aim to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spiderweb of endless use-cases that make ARK highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable. ARK is a secure platform designed for mass adoption and will deliver the services that consumers want and developers need.

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The world's value is becoming tokenized

How It Work


Create your wallet


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Benefits of the OMG Network


Through the open source, white-label SDK, digital wallet providers can connect to the public BMC network to enable users to transact any digital assets, including crypto and fiat currencies.


Bonding to the Ethereum blockchain creates secure token custody, decentralized exchange of all Ethereum assets, and ultra-secure transaction validation.


The Plasma architecture allows for unlimited scalability with unprecedented transaction speed: millions, and potentially billions of transactions per second.


Financial applications, such as wallets, will be able to interact seamlessly with one another via the BMC network. Users will also be able to trade assets from different blockchains protocols, like Bitcoin.


BMC is not owned by any central authority; it is controlled by users and validators (stakers) on the network. Through staking, token holders can validate transactions and earn fees. As the network gains value, so does the token.

BMC Token Roadmap

Development Starts

March 2017 to June 2017

Blockchain First Release

July 2017 to October 2017

Preparation for ICO

November 2017 to December 2017

Buying & Trading BMC Token

October 2018 to January 2019